Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look what blew in from the Land of OZ.

Of course just like in the movie, Daniel kept loosing part of his straw over THERE, and a piece over THERE, oh it was horrible!.

We did our trick or treat early this year. A church over in Clovis had a "Trunk or Treat" on Saturday night. They had a soup supper, and a few activities for the kids, then they got to go around the parking lot and get candy. Boy did they get the candy! Mikali's little Dorthy basket was completely full when we put Daniel's with it. It worked out so much better than staying out late on Monday and having to get up early to get Mikali off to school.

We had SNOW on Thursday. I actually got a taste of the white stuff Wednesday morning in Colorado up there trucking. I guess it followed me home. About 2-3 inches of heavy sloppy snow. We showed .60-.75" of much needed moisture. It ought to really help the wheat out. We need that about every week for 3 months to build up some subsoil moisture.


  1. The costumes are amazing and so cute. I am sure Amanda is responsible for the creation. Sounds like a fun time for all. Glad you got that moisture. Hope it is just the beginning of more good stuff to come.

  2. They look great. Daniel's face paint is especially impressive.

  3. Wow..great job on the costumes!!! I love trunk or treats, they are all in one place, safe, and bc it involves a church you don't have to worry about somebody being dressed up like a playboy bunny or something stupid like that.

    I'm glad you got some rain and that you've been getting some trucking work