Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sowing and harvesting

About 3 weeks ago we got a good rain and I decided to go ahead and plant wheat. I don't know how it is going to do because it is only wet on the top foot or so, and dry all the rest of the way to China. Anyway, since we did not have any summer crop everything got sowed to wheat. I was a crazy wheat sowing monkey for about a week straight.

Then I immediately started in helping my neighbor with corn harvest. So these have been my rides every day for a week:
Pretty nice trucks...... The only complaint is they are Kenworths, and apparently they have an ape on the engineering staff. For a good 20 years they have designed them where all your important switches are a good 12" out of reach! Very annoying.
I can't believe with all the emphasis on ergonomics they are still designing them that way. Anyway rant over. Nice trucks, like I said. As much of a slave driver as Pat is, good thing I have a team driver to take over when I get tired.

By the way he had a birthday the other day.

Everything is fueled up, greased up, and warmed up, ready to go!
Shelling that corn. Yields are really disappointing. Too hot and windy all summer.

Giving Brandon a job now. Thank goodness corn is not as itchy as milo.

Here I am waiting on two other trucks, the only time so far this season. It is like a ghost town at the elevator due to the short crop.

Usually it is a circus and you may spend an hour at the elevator unloading. Not this time. Just pull right in and dump that gold.
Has to go down before it can go up?

Ahh, the best part of the day. Here comes the chuck wagon!


  1. Love all the details and pics. Hope that your wheat gets some more of the wet stuff and can yield a great crop. Love your "relief driver" . haha Cute cake.

  2. Enjoyed the post! Been wondering if you got your wheat sowed or not. Looks like ya'll may be getting some rain today and possibly a little more over the next few days?? Just in time to get a good stand I hope! :-)

  3. Did the rain help? I'm assuming you got some. We had to fly around storms that looked like they were around your area when we flew back from Colorado on Saturday.