Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still working at it

I have not abandoned the corral project. But between wheat sowing, and harvests, and the hot weather earlier, the progress has been pretty slow. Besides the fact it looks like we are not going to have any cattle on wheat this winter. So I'm not terribly motivated to finish it.

We did get some showers last week that are going to help with the wheat coming up. Most of the wheat is up and looking good. The last couple fields I planted the moisture was marginal, and the rain did help.


  1. Looks like you are coming along. I don't blame you on motivation. Got to have a reason if you're going to want to make huge headway. Keep it up. Maybe some rain is on the way. When? Your guess is good as mine.

  2. Love it! And, I think I need to take a trip out there to get me edumacated bout tractor things. I really am sadly dumb when it comes to those. but, i gotta tell ya...i am getting a good education from my midwest friends on how it all works!