Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pearls of wisdom from Daniel

(prayer at lunch time)

Oh Lord, thank you for our food, thank you I'll have a good time at Friday school tomorrow, and thank you Miklali have a good time at school, Jesus name, Amen.

Other tidbits you may not know:

I told him I needed to fix a screw on his bunk bed so he wouldn't bump his head on it.

He said, "yeah it would make a hole"

Me: "and all your brains would run out. You would have to visit the wizard of OZ to get more braines."

D: "No, I could go to the Dr. to get more brains. That is what I would do, go to the Dr. cuz that is what you do, go to the Dr. to get more brains.

On cooking animals:

"When turkeys get fat we eat them! Just like when cows get fat we eat them! When they get fat we put them in the trailer, and cut off their legs and put them in the pan and cook them!"

.....hope you learned something today.


  1. Yikes! Daniel's description of how animals get turned into meat kind of makes me want to go vegetarian.

  2. In that case, I need to make a dr appointment ASAP!! ha ha...funny stuff, Daniel! :-)

  3. hahaha You gotta love what kids say!