Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little dilemma

A funny thing happened today. I was visiting with a guy that is a new administrator for a facility in the area. He asked me what I did, and I told him, he then started quizzing me if I would like to work for them part-time doing basic maintenance stuff. Basic plumbing, painting, etc. He said their full time maintenance guy needed some help, but it would only be for maybe a couple months. He thought like 20 hrs a week, with a pretty flexible schedule. I am not terribly busy right now, and won't be for a while, other than taking care of a few calves (more on that later).

Here is the dilemma: I don't really need the job. If I took the job would I be depriving somebody else of a job they really did need? Surely they have been looking around and there has to be a lot of guys that need the work? The extra $ of course is nice, and maybe I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. I told him I would stop in this week and visit about it. I know some folks there, and they kinda know me, so it probably would be easy to get started with them. What to do?

The only thing I have going on is I bought about 40 calves a couple weeks ago. They made the maiden voyage through the new pens and working facilities. We have just enough wheat here at the house to graze it a little and since it is still pretty dry, I want to get what grazing I can, while I can.

Isn't this just the cutest guy you have ever seen?


  1. Yep! I think he's the cutest, hands down!! I think we need some more video updates! Hint hint!

    I think that you shouldn't feel bad about taking the extra job. You have to remember that not everyone has your skill set. There might be someone who needs a job but not with your qualifications or abilities. Second of all, you never know...this opportunity might be available to you for a reason. You might have something unexpected come up down the road where the extra income would be welcomed, or you might meet people on the job where you can have an influence on their lives in some way. I think if the door is open to you and you think you have the time there is nothing wrong with taking it, since it's only temporary. Unless you can't tear yourself away from those two little fellas at the house, that is! ;-)

  2. Hope you can decide what to do. Kind of hard to turn away from an open door. That little guy is cute!! I like the last pic. Looks like he is smelling something that has a bad odor. haha