Friday, January 6, 2012

My projects between diaper changes

Rachel, Amanda, and my mom got me a little video camera for Christmas. It is really fun to use. I plan on documenting more really exciting things like engines running, plows folding, and Fenton making bubbles out of his mouth, etc. Stand by for frequent updates! BTW the corral project is pretty much done. If we ever get cattle in there look for videos of that.

My project right now since I have time at the house (farming is slow and Amanda needs me to hang around to change diapers) I have decided to use my handy dandy camera and transfer our old home movies to DVD! The only problem is the old projector had transmission problems. It seemed to be slipping it's clutch. So what does ol' Brandon do? Tear into it of course. It has some little beveled roller wheels and the rubber on them is all cracked and falling off. I decided first I would try making some out of metal on our lathe in the barn instead of trying to find some to buy. It took some trial and error and about 6 hrs putting the projector together and taking it apart and putting it together, but I did get it where it would play the old movies.

The second hard part is transferring the huge files to the computer, converting them to a different format, using windows movie maker, and putting them all together. I am about 90% satisfied with the result, I just wish the finished project was a little better quality. Here is a video of me making wheels, and a short example of the finished home movie project. The home movie is not quite as good as the finished ones, as it was early work. I have improved it some.


  1. Wow, you amaze me with your smartness as usual!! Although that video gave me the willies at some points with that metal sound (screeching chalkboard effect). I am really going to enjoy watching those home videos once you get them on DVD or whatever...I enjoyed just that little clip! Ah, memories. :-)

  2. Ha, Rachel, I did not think of that. It didn't bother me. At first I didn't know what you were talking about, I was trying to think what was screeching in the Pecos video.

    I have been enjoying watching all of them too. We haven't seen them in so long.