Monday, January 30, 2012

Two more videos of cattle and that is all.

I needed to give booster shots, de-worm, and growth implants. Implants are basically a very mild steroid that triggers the cattle's own hormone production. It should give a little bit better growth, and better meat quality. It is amazing, the implants are 32 milligrams. So they are .000000014% of the animal's weight! Amazing they would have any effect at all.

Daniel actually helped me by prodding the cattle to go into the chute. He was a good little helper! I could not have done it by myself. I had a big workshop table there for him to stand on that was just the right height for him. In a couple years he will really be a big help.

One video we had a little bit of a traffic jam and I couldn't get the gate open. The other was pretty much as perfect as it goes. Had to do this 39 times. It took us about 2 hrs


  1. You've almost got you a full fledged cowboy helping you. : )

  2. Although the cattle business is very entertaining, I think I would be even more entertained by a Fenton video!! Hint hint!!

  3. Way to go Daniel!...ahem and Brandon of course.