Monday, February 27, 2012

Fenton Jammin' Out

Tonight Fenton was getting fussy and I was trying to settle him down. Sometimes I put him in front of me on the desk and play some music and he settles down. Tonight he was really jamming to the beat. He started grinning ear to ear and kicking his feet. Of course when I pull the camera out he had settled down some but you get the picture:

I guess the only other news I have is it is windy and dry....wait that isn't news.

Uh, well the other news is well, I......uh........guess, I'm n n n not going to be doing any more trucking.....Whew there I said it. It is really like an addiction and I may have to find Trucker's Anonymous. It has been extremely slow as in no calls since the first of the year for loads. And I don't feel like going overnight much with Mikali needing driven to and from the bus stop every day. It would be hard for Amanda to get all of them around in the morning and Fenton loaded in the car 2X a day. So I'm parking the truck. My commercial registration runs out the end of the month and so does my $6000 insurance. I don't want to pay for all that if I'm not going to be using it. It was a really tough decision because somehow last year was the best year we ever had with the trucking, then to just stop....... Sniff! I will miss all the great places I get to visit like the NAPI farm and Magdelena, NM and Waco, TX.

I will go ahead and register it and insure it as a farm truck so I can use it on the farm. I will keep my New Mexico permits so I can go over there unhindered, and my Fuel Tax permit so I can go to all the states if I want to for my business. I just won't be doing any trucking "for hire". Maybe if farming gets tough sometime and the kids get a little bigger I can look at doing some again.

BTW it is a paperwork headache getting all my commercial stuff cancelled. I have about 3-4 wonderful bureaucracies to deal with. Spent 22 minutes on hold today with the Federal office for my motor carrier permit. And the annoying thing is I have to have that form notarized! to get it cancelled. What a pain.


  1. This little guy is so cute! Nothing like music to calm the savage beast. : ) Sorry about having to make such a difficult decision. It will all work out. Go with your gut feeling as that is more than likely the right thing to do.

  2. I sure do like that smile!!! He changes so much every time i see a picture or a video!! Very cute!!!

  3. Ahh Fenton. You are too cute for your own good.
    I guess the government doesn't want you to stop trucking either. Good grief!