Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I have been working on this week

Ok, the big ol green Steiger, you just couldn't stop it. Literally. It had no brakes. I don't mean they didn't work, I mean it did not have any brakes. Somebody that had it before me I guess had trouble with them and took all the braking stuff off. It was going to be big $ to get all that back with new from the tractor part company, like $2-3000 worth of parts at least. So what does ol Brandon do? Make his own of course.

It has a big disk brake on the driveline. It does not have brakes on the wheels like cars. So I had to make a new disk on the lathe. I actually made it a while back and had not gone any further on the project. I finally found me some relatively inexpensive brake calipers that fit a Ford Truck. Now to make the bracket to hold it all up there.

Believe me that stuff was heavy and hard to get up in the belly of the tractor. It goes right under the cab in the middle. My arms and shoulders are still sore from rastling that thing up in there. Here it is installed right on the back of the transmission:

The driveshaft actually would bolt up there and go off to the left.

Here is a short video of me testing it out. It works!


  1. You are super talented. Good thing for the parts places that there are not that many of you out there. They would go broke. You are impressive!!!

  2. Wow! Just when I think you can't get any do something amazing like this!! You are truly a mechanical genius!! :-)