Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Baby Therapy

Just a minute to help you relax if you need it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some videos to share

I have been helping my neighbor cut wheat down and get it ready to either bale for hay, or chop for wheat silage.  This particular patch is going to a dairy where they will put it in one of those big poly tubes where it will ferment and make really yummy food for some milk cows.  Daniel made a small cameo appearance in the video from inside the swather.  Be sure to notice off to the left of the really nice green wheat.  That is where the irrigation stops and it is dryland wheat.  Yes, there is wheat planted out there!

Here they are chopping it up.

And as is always requested a video from two weeks ago when we went to Texline for Easter weekend.  Sorry no good videos of Fenton right now.  It is hard to get a good video because as soon as you pull the camera out he gets the deer in the headlights look.  And won't do anything!

It has been a little touch and go but if Mikali doesn't mess up too much this last 6 weeks of school it looks like she may barely graduate from kindergarten.  Just kidding.  She has done so good in school.  All Excellent marks on her last report, and is reading pretty good.  She can read Cat in the Hat by herself.  She is almost counting change up to $1 too.  Not quite there but a few more weeks she will be able to I think.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new.

Well almost new that is. This old Lincoln welder has served this farm very well through the years. My granddad bought it used back in the mid-60s and built his barn with it. They were very well made and very good welders. Going by the serial # this one was made about 1953-4 They had the same engine that a lot of the original military Jeeps had in them. A very simple Continental 4 cyl gas engine. This is the welder that I used all summer to build my corrals. It was just about worn out, and was using lots and lots of oil. I mean you would have to add a quart about every hour! Then one day I was using it and really overheated it bad. Burned up the engine :-( Dummy me. I had already resolved to overhaul the engine OR get another welder first chance I had. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be better to upgrade, to a newer welder. An overhaul was going to cost at least a couple thousand $.

So the past few months I had been casually shopping around and watching for used welders in the classifieds, and at auctions. I also spent quite a bit of time drooling over the brand new ones at Tractor Supply and in Northern Tool catalogs. I had about decided if I didn't find a good used one by this summer, I would just go ahead a get a new one.

Lo and behold I was able to buy this Honey at an auction Saturday! Almost brand new, the hour meter said it had only been run 7 hours. That is like 700 miles on a new car! And not only that I got it for a cool $1000 less than a new one! How would you like to get a car with 700 miles for 30% off new price?
The old welder you had to crank by hand (like a Model T.....) I wore plenty of blisters on my hands trying to get it started through the years. No more of that nonsense, this one is electric start, pull the choke and hit the switch, ROAR!! away it goes. My first project:

On the corrals this was the last little bit I was working on when I burned up the old welder. It is a cattle-backup-preventer-thingy. They walk under it going through the leadup, and when they try to back up it catches them right on their bottom. Saves a lot of back and forth and back and forth keeping them pushed up.