Monday, April 23, 2012

Some videos to share

I have been helping my neighbor cut wheat down and get it ready to either bale for hay, or chop for wheat silage.  This particular patch is going to a dairy where they will put it in one of those big poly tubes where it will ferment and make really yummy food for some milk cows.  Daniel made a small cameo appearance in the video from inside the swather.  Be sure to notice off to the left of the really nice green wheat.  That is where the irrigation stops and it is dryland wheat.  Yes, there is wheat planted out there!

Here they are chopping it up.

And as is always requested a video from two weeks ago when we went to Texline for Easter weekend.  Sorry no good videos of Fenton right now.  It is hard to get a good video because as soon as you pull the camera out he gets the deer in the headlights look.  And won't do anything!

It has been a little touch and go but if Mikali doesn't mess up too much this last 6 weeks of school it looks like she may barely graduate from kindergarten.  Just kidding.  She has done so good in school.  All Excellent marks on her last report, and is reading pretty good.  She can read Cat in the Hat by herself.  She is almost counting change up to $1 too.  Not quite there but a few more weeks she will be able to I think.


  1. I nominate Daniel for an Academy Award for best cameo appearance in a film! Looks like y'all are staying busy.

  2. Hey, Fenton got cheated! haha He will be right in there next year. Looks like lots of fun there. I know what you mean about the "deer in the headlights" in taking pics of kids. haha

  3. now that's what i'm talking about for a blog post! :-)