Friday, May 11, 2012

I hate to delve into politics...

But this latest deal with Mitt Romney's "Barbergate" is just an indication of the nastiness to come in the presidential campaign.  I wanted to comment on this because I think it shows perfectly the bias and disappointing character of the media.

For those of you that haven't heard, the Washington Post ran a story  a couple days ago telling about a prank that Mitt pulled on a classmate at his preppy high school.  Apparently he led a group of guys that forcibly cut the hair of a classmate they didn't like.  Also making this story more juicy this classmate had, shall we say, effeminate qualities.  Yes, it was a mean trick, cruel, demeaning.  I'm not condoning it at all.  What upsets me is several things:

1) The media has overblown this so much it has distracted from the issues at hand.  They were in highschool for crying out loud.  Who didn't do things they were ashamed of in highschool?  Jesus Christ would be the only perfect teenager that ever lived.  Instead of looking at our current president's failed policies of the recent 3 years, let's go back to the late 1960s and find some dirt to expose on Romney.

2) While this media circus is going on did you know Barack Obama has openly admitted to using cocaine in highschool, and being a regular pot smoker during that time?  Hmmm?  I'ts in one of his two autobiographies he has written about all his accomplishments.

3) The media can't even get their stories straight.  They are trying so hard to spin this into something big, they are using quite a bit of creative license.

I will admit I am very cynical when it comes to the future of our country.  There will never be a perfect politician.  I think we have passed the point of no return long ago concerning the direction we are headed socially, financially, morally.  But when we have such nastiness and unfairness clouding the real issues we for sure won't make better decisions when it comes to voting.  Honest respectable men and women that would be good leaders simply refuse to participate in the process for fear of being treated like this.  Therefore we have to settle for second best, or worse.  And that is where we are at now.


  1. You are right. Never does the media focus on what is needed or on facts. Digging dirt is their expertise!

  2. I agree that I am very disillusioned with the political system because it just doesn't seem like people are in it for the right reasons. It's all a game of illusions. You don't know who a politician is, what they really believe, or whether they can be trusted to do the right thing. It's a very self-centered agenda when someone becomes a politician it seems like and that doesn't make me too excited to go out and vote for anybody on any side.