Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't get a cheap camera

When we were on our honeymoon all those eons ago, I dropped Amanda's good camera in the Atlantic.  It died an instant painless death.  When we got home we shopped around and bought a little Fuji point and shoot that was on clearance.  Now looking back I know why they were discontinuing this particular model.  Well believe it or not we have stuck with it for all these eons of time.  My biggest gripe is I cannot get a good picture inside.  Outside it does great.  I don't have to mess with settings or anything.  But inside it just cannot take a good picture.  I always get stuff like this:

They are always blurry.  I have changed settings until I am blue in the face.  If I turn on the flash, the blurriness goes away, but then everything looks washed out.  Mikali just woke up from a nap.....

("I am so cute and I know it.")
I hate washed out over "flashed" pictures.  They look so, blech. Oh well, I wanted to share this picture of Daniel, he really likes these tall robot socks.  At four years old he doesn't understand why we can't let him go in public like this:
Well it looks like my little intermittent highlighter is back.  I don't know what causes that. 

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