Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New to me tractor

I'm not sure who all knows but I found a replacement for the Green Lemon.  I started shopping around a little when the clutch went out last spring, and started shopping a little harder when the rear-end breakdown happened.  About a month ago made a deal on this newer (1992 year) tractor.  Much, much, much, much nicer than the old green one.  Smoother, quieter, easier to drive, better a/c, better hydraulics, more efficient, not nearly as worn out.  When I say more efficient, I mean it will burn 30% less fuel doing the same work.  With diesel over $3 a gallon I figure that is $4-5,000 saved per year in fuel!  Now what to do with the old one???  I have spent so much on it, I can't sell it for what it would bring, yet I don't really need it sitting around depreciating.  I'm thinking about selling tickets and taking it up to the Caprock Escarpment, putting it in gear and jumping out.  Surely I could sell 10,000 tickets for like $2?  Wouldn't you want to watch something like that?  Bwahh ha ha ha ha!  If I could sell it for $20,000 I would be happy!

Fenton has started a new thing the past few days.  He will start out making an "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" sound then will either use his hands or open and shut his mouth to say, "Ahhhhhhhhh bahhhh bahhhh bahhhh bahhhh"  It is funny when he is mad because it sounds very much like he is chewing us out for being such rotten parents.

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  1. This tractor looks like a dream! Glad you have this classy caddy. Fenton is so stink' cute!