Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer projects

I've been meaning to share some pictures of what I have been working on here lately.  This weather is so miserable hot.  97-98-95-97-98 day after day after day.  I think I have finally experienced a little of the 1930s and 1950s droughts my Great and Grandparents went through. Here is what the crop of haygrazer looks like.  Big waste of time:

The farm I bought just down the road from us has CRP grass on it that the contract is expiring this year.  I did not try to re-enroll it because I want to farm it instead of farming the government program.  With the drought, I have to wonder if it was the right decision.  It is a 10 year contract so you have to be sure you want to do it.  Surely it will rain before 2023?  Anyway I saved 5 acres of grass for a small "grass trap" pasture for cattle.  If we want to keep a few calves over there for the kids or if I have some sick ones I am watching, they will do better having a little room to run around.  I fenced in the 5 acres of grass with barbed wire.  Hot work.  It is all done except I need to staple the wire to the cedar posts.  I try to work on stuff like that in the morning when it is cool.  I also have to hang a couple gates.  Also a cool morning project.

And lastly here the past day I have been building a new clothesline for us.  When the weather is nice, we dry a lot of our clothes out on the line.  It seems such a shame to me to heat air with electricity just to blow it all outside!  Our old line was just a mess I put up when I first moved out here between a couple old electric poles.  One pole is about rotted out and falling over.  Sometimes we send the kids out to take the laundry down and I was getting concerned they might pull on the line hard enough it would finish pulling it over.

I welded up some heavy pipe and put it DEEP in the ground.  Hopefully it will survive a nuclear blast, or at least our west TX winds.  Now to wait for the concrete to set up and I will string some new wires.

 Have I mentioned how glad I am to have a NEW WELDER? It was so handy when I was working on the barb wire fence.  I had to trim some trees and I just fire up the welder, plug in my granddad's electric chain saw.  No hard to start, stinky, noisy, hot, heavy two stroke piece of junk chain saws!  I do not even want a gas chainsaw on the place now.  Also I had to cut some pipe with the cut off saw and did the same thing.

Next week we are going to the mountains with the Crum Outfitters and Guided Packing Trip Co. Inc. LLC.  I will be so ready to be where it is cool!  Poor Fenton and Amanda will miss out this year.  He is such a pill to travel with she thought it would be better to stay home.


  1. I miss having a clothes line. Have fun escaping the heat in the mountains. Its about 125 already this morning with 200% humidity. At least that's what it feels like after spending the last 2.5 weeks in cool Colorado mountain air.

  2. Missed this post somehow. I LOVE hanging out clothes. Maybe some day Brian will rig me up one again. He and another fellow in Bloomfield made me one just like you have here. Does save on energy. Lots of sun and wind, you might as well use it. :)