Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden time

Our garden has turned out pretty well considering the epic drought.  I've sure put a lot of water on it.  The sweet corn and black eyed peas are starting to come off.  Okra should be starting pretty soon.  Of course we have more yellow squash than we know what to do with.  We planted green beans but they must be the wrong kind as they made beautiful big vines but no beans.  I'm hoping maybe as the fall cools off maybe they wills start making.

I rigged up my coleman stove to cook the corn outside.  That way we don't heat up the house doing it inside and get all that steamy humidity inside where the a/c just has to pump out.  I didn't want to use the little expensive 1lb. bottles that we take camping as that would kinda defeat the purpose.  I wanted to use the big 20# bottle.  They make kits for that, but why do it the easy way?  I had to MacGyver it using the gas regulator off the cutting torch, a hose from a weedburner, and took the original coleman fitting apart to attach the hose.  Worked great.  And as a plus, if it blew up it would blow up outside where it wouldn't wake up Fenton.

One of the advantages of replacing a water heater, it has a really cool big sturdy box the kids get to play with for several days.  At least until they smash it flat.


  1. Your garden looks GREAT! I miss the garden so much. We had such good ones in Bloomfield, but we had unlimited free water. Fenton sure is getting big. Love your "summer kitchen" What's with the video? Can't view it.

  2. Our garden is dead from the heat. Corn looks yummy!

  3. I dunno about the video.... It works for me.