Wednesday, August 22, 2012

His new best friend

It seems blogs are the place to share quotes that are inspiring so I thought I would share one.  It seems to have been very insightful.

"There is a problem with quotes you find on the internet, it is hard to tell if they are authentic or not." 
--Abraham Lincoln

Last night I was giving Fenton a bath and he was starting to get pretty fussy.  I had just used up the last few drops of baby soap so I gave him the empty bottle to play with.  He LOVED that bottle.  He would not let go of it, and if it slipped away he was instantly irate. After the bath when it was time to dry off he did not want to be separated from his new friend the empty bottle.  I wish you could have seen how excited he was to hold it.  Amanda even decided to let him go to bed with it, and it worked as he was quiet and went to sleep with it.  

Who needs stuffed animals when you have a cuddly empty bottle to snuggle with?

They had a shot clinic to get kids ready for school so we took the big kids to get them up to date.  We decided to take Daniel too even though he has a whole year before he goes to school.  Poor guy, he had to have 6 shots!  3 in each arm.  Bam, bam, bam, change sides bam, bam, bam.  He cried a lot but I probably would too!  Mikali got by pretty easy with just one little "snapping" type shot that barely hurt I guess.  She didn't cry at all.  We went to the park for lunch then had ice cream sandwiches afterwards for a reward.  


  1. A wet dish rag, a spoon and pan is what one lady told us that kids like best. Funny that he loved that empty bottle so much. Poor Daniel. Not fun for sure. Glad he got a nice reward for such a nasty experience.

  2. Daniel deserved a whole box of ice cream to himself.
    Maddy has started taking showers instead of baths recently, but when she took baths she'd play like the shampoo bottles were babies and she'd wrap them in the wash rag. That kept her entertained for as long as we'd let her stay in the tub. Fenton is too cute for his own good.