Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back in the cattle business

We've got a few spotty patches of wheat where we have caught some showers.  I'm awfully proud of this patch here.  It is old CRP (government grass program) that is going back into production.  I just sprayed it once back in June to kill the grass.  In September I sowed wheat, just barely laying the seed in the dust.  We  have had a few showers and it is looking really good.  It is needing more moisture as it has grown about all it will for now.  So, if there is something green growing I want to have calves on it. Our wheat varies from pretty good like here:
To seed still laying in the dry dirt, waiting for enough rain to come up.  It is kinda a mess in places.  


I wanted to put in a little plug for Amanda's blog she has started.  She moved over to Wordpress to have more exposure and more features.  Check it out and be sure to subscribe if you do that sort of thing.  I have the link on the right.  "My Daily Bread"


  1. Looks pretty good. Will hope the rains come!

  2. Oh yes, thanks for the link to Amanda's blog. I heard about the green pumpkin pie. Sounds like that was a winner. Will be checking in to see what Amanda's latest culinary creation is. You are one lucky guy. YUM!

  3. Yes, I'm glad you told us about Amanda's new blog. Looks like she's been writing for awhile and I didn't even know. Amanda sure is a talented lady! Good luck with the moo-moos.

  4. She has been working on it a while but did not go public with it until recently when she had it fixed up the way she wanted it.