Friday, October 26, 2012

I always thought round bales in the field looked kinda purty

My little feed crop finally eeked out a little hay.  I got my neighbor Ted to bale it up and he sure did a good job.  It made about a ¼ crop, but better than nothing!  Nice tight, "square" round bales.  Sometimes they come out lopsided or are loose and more or less rounded and the netwrap tends to slip off after handling them a couple times.  This ought to be really really good haygrazer hay since it was short and mostly leaves.  Not a lot of stalk that cattle don't like very much.  They will probably slurp it up just like candy.  We'll see later this winter.  I have some older lesser quality stuff I need to use up first.  It is some of that loose-netwrap-coming-off hay I want to use up.

Here is some of the spotty, half a stand wheat.  Some is worse than this.

I have been lax about posting video.  To upload video to youtube I have to start it at night and let it go all night, so I don't feel like messing with it a lot of the times.

Here is a video of Daniel just learning to ride his bike without training wheels:

Fenton cute as usual:



  1. That is a purdy picture. Makes it not look quite so desert-ous out there. Why does it take so long to upload to Youtube??

  2. Slow internet connection. We are at the very lower end of "high speed" internet.

  3. I didn't get the video of Daniel. : ( Fenton is sure cute!!! I used to have the same problem with pictures or video. SLOW!!! Bales look nice. How many cows you got?

  4. Never mind. Must have been a glitch. He is doing GREAT!

  5. We have 64 calves right now. I'm going to buy 3 more from Amanda's dad whenever we can get together on that deal.