Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I have the Green Lemon sold.

Pending transport to south of San Antone next week hopefully.  I was starting to give up hope selling it for what I wanted, and I did lower my price a little but told myself I would not take less.  But finally I guess it got to be Fall and farmers were starting to shop because I had 4 calls on it within about 10 days.  Two of those were from Mexico.  I was hoping I could sell it to Mexico so I would be sure to not hear anymore about it.  Anyway a really nice guy down state ended up buying it.  I have taken the duals off to make it easier to put on a truck.  The trucker called today and said he would probably be up the first of next week to get it.  I told him it was ready when he was.  

It ended up being a pretty expensive piece of equipment, I'm sure I have made that clear.  But when I think about how many acres I covered with it in 3-4 years I guess per acre it ran fairly cheap.  It got the job done anyway.  The inconvenience and busted knuckles was just as bad as the lighter wallet.  It woulda been fun for Dawson to haul it but his company is too high on their hauling rates from what I can tell.

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  1. Too bad the guy from Mexico didn't get it, but I am sure your machine is history for you.....we hope. :)