Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's ALIVE, it's ALIVE! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha.

I got the old International tractor back together yesterday.  I meant to take my video camera to record the climatic moment when it first fires up.  But as usual I forgot when I left the house.  You will have to settle for a very short grainy video from my phone.  Gotta get one of them new iPhone 5 thingys I guess one of these days. Smoooooth.  

I still need to pull it hard for a while and 'break it in', but it is running and I could use it if I needed to.  I'm glad to have that project behind me for the most part.

Fenton really likes to mess with our dvd and vcr players on the shelves next to our TV.  He drug the whole shelf out the other day.  It had a glass door on it at one time, but it was gone when the unit was given to us.  Can't look a gift horse in the mouth..... and all that.  I finally got around to making a door to go on it.  If we had a little wood stain it would almost look like it came that way new.  Just a basic wood frame and some wire mesh.  Here he is inspecting my work.  He thought it was pretty nice.
He has been gaining teeth, and somebody else is losing them!
They had "Hillbilly Day" at school for homecoming week.  She was right in character! She wore some old overalls, flannel shirt, and a farm cap.  I did not think to take a picture though. 


  1. Way to go! I knew you could do it. Glad you got your machinery running. So funny that Fenton is getting teeth and Mikali's are falling out. haha

  2. I guess Mikali and Fenton can do a duet of "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".

  3. Is there any junk you can't resurrect? I sure do have a cute niece and nephew!!