Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our lucky charm

The other day we were in a restaurant for lunch with the two boys.  As we were leaving we had an very talkative friendly lady start oohing and aahing over Fenton and Daniel.  We talked a minute and started out the door.  Just as we were about to part ways the lady says, "oh, wait, here...." and starts digging through her purse.  I thought, oh she probably has a trinket or coupon for Daniel.  Well, she hands him $2!  And not only that after she handed him $2 she says, "wait, wait I think I have more." !!  And digs out another dollar to give him.  The funny thing is, this is not the first time that has happened to Daniel.  He gets free popcorn, basketballs and candy from the parts stores and farm store, but I do remember some other lady handing him a dollar or two before.  

Now I like kids.  And I like giving kids funny looks and asking silly questions when we are at stores and such.  But I just never think about whipping out cash and handing it to them.

I gave Fenton his first hair cut the other day.  Pretty hard to do with a little kid that won't sit still and wants to look back at me all the time.

Amanda's mom made ties for the boys and a tunic thing for Mikali.  Mikali is just about to get her two front teeth in for Christmas.  

We had just a little snow on Sunday night.  You can see a little there behind the tire.  
My projects right now are to fix the floor in this stock trailer.  And I am going to use that old tractor tire for a stock tank.  I cut out one sidewall and will put cement in the bottom.  It will never leak.  You can shoot them with a gun and the hole will just close back up on itself.  

I'm really getting lax about uploading videos of the kids.... I have several I want to share, just haven't got them posted yet.  Stay tuned for details.