Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gaining weight, but it is a good thing.

My big 4wd needs more weight on the back axle to help it get traction when it is pulling hard.  We have these huge cast iron wheel weights and I thought I would come up with a way to mount them.  First you have to have the right kind of attitude to work in our shop!  No getting mad, and laugh off the problems.

These weights have been around the farm in various capacities since probably the 60s when my Great Granddad (yes Great) had a 730 Case with the Case-o-matic transmission.  These weights were cast in Pampa TX as you can see.  About 425 lbs. best I could tell weighing them at the elevator.  

They needed painted, and just for fun and coolness I highlighted the lettering in CIH red.

I made plates out of 1" X 10" steel.  Drilled 16 holes. Time marking my holes, drilling pilot holes, it took me about 4 hours, not too bad.


I have to drill a smaller "pilot" hole with a 3/8 inch bit before I get the big boy out and really start boring. 

Trial fit before I painted it.  Hey!  They fit first try!  No reaming out holes or throwing good steel on the junk pile and doing it again.

Then it is time for putting them on.  Took us a couple tries finding a way to pick them up and still get the cherry picker close enough to the wheel.  Cell phone pictures leave a lot to be desired.  Weather was unbelievably warm today putting them on.  Feels like early summer.  Calm, sunny and low 70s for  temps, here in the Great American Desert. Actually went home and OPENED SOME WINDOWS because it was TOO HOT in the house.  Looked at the calendar 3 times to be sure it was January.


There you have it.  A mix of really old equipment, with sorta old equipment.  It is interesting how my Great Granddad has left his marks on a lot of the stuff we use still today.   

Monday, January 21, 2013

He's no slacker

Already have been cracking the whip and have this boy cleaning up after himself.

Wow!  Haven't posted in a month.  My apologies!