Thursday, February 21, 2013

These are shims.

For all of my blogger audience that has been breathlessly waiting to hear the conclusion of my latest tractor repair, well I have my parts in now.  I hope I will have time maybe Saturday to get it all together.

It took so long I think these parts had to come from a warehouse on Saturn, and they were having trouble finding a good launch window to ship them here I guess.  Also I think they may have gotten tied up in customs when the rocket splashed down on the China coast.

 Shims and gaskets for the cover. 
Very very thin.  

When they get out of place they turn into junk, which was what I found when I drained the oil oh so many weeks ago.  An oil analysis I sent in showed everything to be normal.  

Hope hope hope this is a $150 repair, and not $28,000 re-manufactured transmission.  (Yes, that is what it would cost to put in a re-man.)

Now for the fun stuff!  Here is a Knuckle Buster in training.  Daniel got this little erector set type kit for Christmas.  Never to early to teach "righty tighty, lefty loosey"

One of Fenton's favorite things to say is "Hot!".  Yes sometimes he will get it right, when he sees coffee or food steaming, or when he feels it.  But sometimes "hot" is anything that is shiny, or when we go outside and the cold wind is blowing, or a cold piece of cheese.....

At the very beginning of the video when he is rubbing his chest, that is what we taught him to do for "please".  Surprising how quick he picked up on it and will "say" please when he really wants something.

This video is kinda long, but Mikali is in it.  Don't want to leave her out.

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  1. Guess this blog finally loaded up. Love all the videos! I think Cindy and Brad taught Bethany some sign language. Kids pick up on that FAST!
    Your humor is still the greatest! Keep posting.