Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Chickens

We haven't had chickens in several years, and Amanda was wanting some.  So we bought a few, and a few more for my folks.  We will raise them until they are big enough to turn loose at their place.  It is amazing how fast they grow.  They are supposed to be sorted by gender and these are all hens.  So we should have lots of eggs this summer.


  1. Ahh, these pictures bring back so many memories of our baby chicken days growing up. Do they still come in the mail? I remember getting that box of baby chicks with the holes in it when we were about in kindergarten I guess. I always liked that part...not the part that came a few months later, ha ha. Are you going to butcher any and make Mikali and Daniel clean out chicken gizzards??

  2. We actually bought these in Clovis at the feed store. When you order you have to order like a minimum of 25 and we don't want that many. If they are all hens we won't butcher any. I think there would be plenty of shock and crying on the part of our kids watching them get their heads lopped off.