Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy summer time

I don't have any really good pictures of the kids.  We have been VERY busy the past few weeks.  I had a chance to get some manure from a local dairy, so I hauled it with my truck.  I hammered away at that as hard as I could for a week because I was renting a trailer by the day, so any wasted time was wasted rent.  Anyway, the big story is we got some big rains around the 1st of July.  We got 3" at our house and about 2" other places.  So then I had to hustle to get some plowing done, and plant some haygrazer.  Seemed like I just couldn't get enough done each day.  And we are getting ready to go to Black Mesa Bible Camp this next week, so I wanted all the farm work caught up before we go.  And to top everything off Amanda's brother got married, and Amanda has also been babysitting a couple of the neighbor kids 3-4 days a week.  A 9 year old boy and 3 year old girl.  They are pretty easy to work with, but on top of our 3 it makes for a long day for her.  The neighbors really appreciate it, and seem to like the way the kids are doing with her.  Their kids are always anxious to come over.  So that is a good sign.

Getting the "black gold" spread.  It took me a week to haul 1200 tons, it took these guys about 6 hours to fling it on the field.  Snnnnniiiiiffff, smell that Miracle Grow.

Ready for the wedding!

Amanda with her 4 kids on this particular day.

I wanted the kids to experience Mr. Rogers like I did growing up, and thanks to Youtube we can watch it on demand.  The kids like it, especially Fenton.  I didn't really notice growing up of course, but Mr. Rogers has some very good Christian messages constantly put forward.  Appreciating your neighbors especially is emphasised a lot.  Here they are "plugged into" the program.

I found some tadpoles in a pool of water by a neighbor's leaking irrigation pipe.  They were about 1/4 inch across when I caught them.  Now they are about 1 inch long and starting to get little legs.  Amanda feeds them slimy water out of the goat tank, and cooked lettuce. 
 Fenton likes to watch them. 

Here I was getting ready to move, and I took my handy little Suzuki with me to get back to the house.  Wooden pallet to park it on, ramps to drive up and down, strap to tie it down.  

Well, off to BMBC for the 6th year now!  Looks like the forecast is going to be very nice.  Cooler, chances of rain.  Sure beats 100 degrees like it has been before.