Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to school shopping, now for two.

Who says that school shopping for kids is expensive?  Today was the start of New Mexico's sales tax holiday for clothes and supplies.  We wanted to get some shopping done before the big rush on Saturday.  We always go by second-hand stores first, before trying for new clothing.  Goodwill is hit and miss on what you will find.  Today it was a hit for clothes for Daniel, somewhat of a miss for Mikali.  We got everything pictured here for $27.  It was a bonanza!  3 pairs of really good pants, and 3 shirts, nice off brand shoes (a little big) for Daniel.  One pair of good jeans and a couple shirts for Mikali.  Plus a little thermos for sack lunches.  

Contrast that with the new we had to buy for Mikali.  Two pair of jeans, one pair of shoes $55.  Ouch!  And the jeans were pretty much 50% off their regular price too.  That stung after the Goodwill treasures.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch....  Cooling off in the big big swimming pool Nana gave them.  It has been pretty hot the past couple days.