Sunday, September 8, 2013

Green eggs and ham, green bean "fort", sweet corn canning

How is that for covering everything?

First day of school.  Amanda made green eggs and ham.  Daniel actually did not want to eat the green eggs. He would not eat them in a box, he would not eat them wearing socks.  He would not eat them in the house, nor sitting with a mouse.  So I ended up eating them.

Ready for Kindergarten. I have a video of them getting on the bus, but I have not uploaded it yet.

The thing I hate about preserving garden stuff is it makes such a mess.

 I am trying something different this year.  Usually we freeze all our corn.  But I wanted to try canning some.  It turned out very good.  This stuff is like candy.  We've done probably 15-20 quart bags of corn in the freezer.  A couple dozen ears frozen, and about 15 pint jars of corn.

We planted a climbing green bean in the corner of the garden where it can climb the fence.  With the intention of making a little cool bean fort.  Overall our beans have not done very well.  I am beginning to suspect some herbicide carryover in the soil.  They came up but stayed sick, or eventually died.  We got about one mop bucket full of potatoes.  A few cantaloupes, and some squash and pumpkins.  2 watermelons.  Pretty good for the lack of attention it got.