Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's official we are dorky parents

Our little 4 door sedan was getting too tight with 3 car seats and 3 kids.  It has been a VERY reliable car, and efficient and cheap to own and drive.  But for a couple different reasons we were ready for  a small upgrade.  After driving a couple vans, we knew we were going to have to be grownups and think about something practical, efficient, and most  Vans after they get 100,000 miles are extremely cheap compared to pickups and SUVs.

We always kinda wanted a small SUV.  But the back seat is not any bigger than our car, and the fuel mileage is usually bad.  So we got this plain Jane Dodge van.  10 years old of course, and 112,000 miles already.  But as my readers are well aware of, we generally don't buy vehicles that are new, and I tend to bust my knuckles keeping junk running as long as possible.

The only options it has is electric locks, elect windows, and an aftermarket DVD player installed.  Otherwise it is your basic kid hauler.  Very clean compared to several we looked at.  So we decided we were ready to be grownups now.


  1. Congrats!! I think you should break it in and test out its true efficiency by taking it on the road to Dallas! I can't tell if there are two rows? Do both sides have doors that open? It looks like a great upgrade..hope you will enjoy the extra breathing room!

  2. It has two seats in the middle, and a bench seat in the rear. Could haul 7 rug rats pretty easy. And both sides have doors. But Fenton fusses about the cold wind blowing straight through when both doors are open.

  3. Road trip time! I hear Dallas is a really nice place to visit about March or April or so.....