Friday, January 17, 2014

Trucking again

One of my neighbors needed some BIG pipe to make feed troughs.  Big 24" pipe, to be cut in half lengthwise. Seems the best deal was 500 miles away in Uvalde, TX.  He needed a "professional" trucker to take a truck down and get it.  It was interesting.  I have never hauled pipe before.  But the guys that loaded it knew what they were doing, even if I didn't.  I just had to throw lots of straps on it and tighten it down.  I actually got 16 pipes, but I forgot to take a picture of the whole load when it was done.


  1. One more job to add to your resume`. I thought you had a black truck. Is this one yours? Was wondering about the flat trailer too. Looks like you had a load!

    1. No it is not my truck or trailer. He just needed somebody to drive he could trust. MUCH nicer truck though!