Monday, February 24, 2014

Kinda depressing really

I realized I had some old files from 2007 in the bottom of the file cabinet that needed thinned out and sorted, and stored away.  I was going through them and ran across truck scale tickets for the crops we harvested that year.  WOW!  I forgot how much grain we cut.  There were dozens and dozens of tickets.  That was an unbelievable crop year.  Stacks of envelopes of tickets that year, and the past 3 years I have not harvested ONE truckload of grain. Sure isn't much fun waiting around for the climate to change.

Meanwhile at the Busted Knuckle Garage we have a Redneck Winch Truck conversion just finished. The old 1953 Ford that looks like "Mater" hadn't run in a decade.  But I would sure like to use that old winch on the back sometime.  
Trying to sell the engine in the classifieds to help offset the conversion project expenses.

So the Ole Knuckle Buster got to brain storming and decided to cut "Maybelline"* in half.  Put a hitch on, and a hydraulic driven motor on to run the winch with the tractor's hydraulics.  
 (*Papaw calls her Maybelline because she is so beautiful)

And voila! A winch truck, that is not a winch truck.  Now instead of trying to start the old truck, just hook a tractor on.  It was fun running around the machinery lot picking up stuff and setting it back down. 


Anybody need something picked up?  
Have winch, will travel.